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Chemistry End of Year VCE Lecture


Location : Charles Pearson Theatre, University of Melbourne
Date : Wednesday 28 September 2016
Start Time : 10:00am
Presenting Teacher : Lanna Derry

Engage VCE Lectures are a full day of revision which equips students with the knowledge and skills to perform well on exams. All lectures are 6.5 hours and run from 10 – 4:30 allowing our teachers to fully review the curriculum and guide students through likely exam questions.

Each of our lectures begins with a presentation from a student who has previously excelled in the subject (achieved a study score of over 45) and is able to pass on everything they wish someone had told them when they were in year 12.

Our end of year lectures cover the content of the entire subject, reviewing both Units 3 and 4. Students will also be taught how to best answer exam questions. All of this allows students to identify the areas of the course that they are comfortable with and those which need more work.

In each of our lectures students will receive comprehensive study notes for the subject (in most cases well over 100 pages) as well as an exclusive practice exam to complete in their own time.

Finally, all Engage VCE Lectures are run at Melbourne University which is both convenient for public transport and allows students to get an insight into university life.

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