Practice Exams

Practice Exams

We produce practice exams for 12 VCE subjects to help students study and test their knowledge. As a non-profit organisation, Engage is able to provide services at low or no costs to students from a range of backgrounds. We provide free practice exams for students to use, as well as producing teacher-exclusive practice exams.


Doing practice exams is the best type of revision, and that’s why we’ve given you access to FREE exams across 12 VCE subjects. These exams are of the highest quality and closely resemble the difficulty of a VCAA style exam. We’re the largest provider of practice exams outside of VCAA and they’re all accessible on our wiki – so go and explore.

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We produce teacher-only exams for a large number of VCE subjects, which won’t be published publicly on our website. They’re perfect for trial exams – they follow the VCAA style and structure, and your students won’t have access to the exam or its solutions. For more information, or to purchase them for your students, please visit the Teacher Resources Area. Remember to also remind your students about our extensive collection of free exams available for them.

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