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  • The state’s best teachers, all of whom have been assessors, will captivate you with 6 hours of advice.
  • Begin the day with a half hour presentation from a VCE top-achiever.
  • Receive the most comprehensive notes pack that includes notes, teacher slides and an exclusive practice exam.
  • All of our lectures are held at the University of Melbourne, so they’re easily accessible by public transport.

Our Teachers

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Matt Brinson

Matt Brinson has been teaching VCE Biology for 15 years. He is the current Head of Senior School at Kilvington Grammar School and the former Academic Dean of Science. Matt has been a VCAA Biology Assessor for 5 years. He has also taught VCE Psychology and Geography over his 19 year career, and has presented various revision lectures and at conferences over that time.


Lanna Derry

Lanna Derry has taught Chemistry for the past 30 years. She has written and presented revision guides for VCE Chemistry, was the lead author of a series of IB Chemistry textbooks and is part of the author team for the Pearson/Heinemann texts for the new VCE Study Design. She currently teaches VCE and IB Chemistry and is Head of Science at Tintern Grammar.

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  • We offer the best lectures money can buy, but we’re not in the business of exploitation.
  • All of our profits go to our awesome free resources for you, like our Engage Wiki.

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  • Since Engage started we have helped 45,000 students achieve their best.
  • Every year we get students from over 300 schools around Victoria.
  • Many of our teachers are on the marking panels and write your exams meaning we’re trusted by teachers to deliver you the best content.

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