Workshop Content

The Engage Essential Series – Workshop Content

#1: VCE Explained

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the year to come. We teach students the inner workings of VCAA and VTAC as well as address common rumours and fears about the system. In particular we focus on helping students understand the structure of their year to assist in better goal setting and time management. In addition, students will walk away with tangible goals and a can-do attitude for the year ahead.

#2: Essential Skills

This workshop is focused on skills and techniques, providing students with the ability to approach SACs with confidence. Our presenters speak at length about short-term goals, time management and study techniques. We work hard to present this information in an accessible and unique way in order for the message to reach students with diverse goals for the year. Students will walk away with a clear plan for their independent study.

#3: Motivation

This workshop is designed to address groups of students that have a waning interest in their academic performance, usually in the middle of the year. Our presenters work hard to motivate and encourage students to re-invigorate their efforts and revisit their goals. In particular, our presentation focuses on installing a sense of empowerment in every student. This talk will ensure students are back in class the next day feeling ready to learn like it’s the first day of VCE all over again.

#4: Exam Preparation

This workshop introduces students to the exam period and the independent study they will have to complete to be prepared. Our presenters focus on helping students manage early stresses about exams and get on track for their study break. In particular, this talk focuses on study techniques to approach what can appear to students as an insurmountable amount of preparation. Students walk away with a strong sense of study methods they could employ and how to cope with learning a large volume of material.

#5: Exam Essentials

This workshop is the final in our series and is targeted very directly at exam taking. Our presenters focus on three main messages; managing exam stress, exam-taking techniques and motivating oneself through that final period of intense study. While students are often reminded of tips for the exam, we find that even the simplest of advice is taken on board more readily when delivered by another young person who has recently gone through VCE exams themselves. Students will walk away calm, motivated and ready to push through their exam period.