The Engage Essential Series

About the Series

The Engage Essential Series (TEES) is a sequential set of interactive workshops that are tailored to the VCE curriculum, are technology driven and affordable. We have found the best young presenters to go into schools and speak to students about everything from goal setting, study skills and exam preparation. The workshops are designed to be staggered across the year to address the various obstacles that tend to emerge as the academic year progresses.

Workshops Available

There are 5 workshops available although there is flexibility for schools to contact us regarding any specific needs they might have. The workshops are designed to work within the series, or independently. Each workshop is supported by world-class academic research and contains specific skills that students will require to get the best out of themselves across the year.

  • Workshop #1: VCE Explained: What the game is and how to play it
  • Workshop #2: Essential Skills: How to study and what works best
  • Workshop #3: Motivation: Readjust, Refocus and Reinvigorate
  • Workshop #4: Exam Preparation: Get ready for the finale
  • Workshop #5: Exam Essentials: The final countdown and what to do now


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Expert Presenters

Our Presenters are recent Year 12 graduates who have come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and have all been recipients of public speaking accolades across the state and internationally. We believe that current VCE students can benefit from being guided through our workshops by past students who have recently had similar experiences. Our presenters are approachable and passionate presenters, who are committed to helping students, reach their full potential.

Technology Driven

The Engage Essential Series is technology driven. Technology is a daily companion in VCE student’s lives and we have accompanied our workshops with an ‘Online Hub’ that supports students to integrate the skills they learn in the workshops at home. The Hub has a number of features that will help students make real changes to their study habits, these include; an exam tracker to help students monitor their progress throughout the year, an interactive calendar to assist in short and long term goal setting and keeping students organized, along with a variety of study tools that link directly with skills learnt in the workshops. Of course students will continue to have access to the extensive range of materials on The Engage Wiki including revision videos and practice exams.

VCE Tailored

Students have access to a range of materials to help them ‘study well’, however surprisingly not many of these resources are tailored to the VCE curriculum. It can often be challenging for students to gain access to materials that are specific to their needs, and relevant to the curriculum they are studying; this is why The Essential Series is specifically made for VCE students so they can truly be supported throughout the year.


The Engage Education Foundation are committed to ensuring students have the opportunity to reach their full potential no matter their background and are continually working towards education equality. The Essential Series is affordable so that every school has access to our in-school workshops.

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